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Revolutionary Knitwear Couture

Vittoria Sedici is a concept wardrobe that elevates the expressive capabilities of knitwear. Drawing its inspirations from the world of design, contemporary art, cinema and photography, Vittoria Sedici expresses an innovative concept that aims to weave its threads into an expression of self-sufficient ​​fashion and femininity.

The main resource nourishing this idea is the historical heritage of an Italian laboratory of excellence, with its inimitable wealth of experience capable of bringing any creative idea to life, stitch by stitch.

The distinctive feature of their production lies in the technique of hand-knitted intarsio – the most laborious and most expensive technique in knitwear, and one that has disappeared almost entirely within the sector.

Today, this laboratory is the only manufacturer capable of bringing the pop-couture dreams of Vittoria Sedici to life, as well as breathing life into the brand’s other experimental projects.

Working with intarsio for Vittoria Sedici is like creating an illustration.
It is the only means – perfect, slow and careful – that can generate a smart and luxurious idea, that draws on iconic memories of the years gone by, and transforms nostalgia into a modern, sensorial experience.

Vittoria Sedici thus becomes the true embodiment of a dream, in the style of every woman. It’s a woven cloud, an adorned idea, a wearable art project.